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How has the Modi Government in India performed so far after 2 years in office?

Answer: Here is my article published in merinews that does an analysis of Modi's two years at power *Two years of Modi government – An Analysis* PM Modi started his tenure as ...

Debi Acharya, oGelp User
What are the aids provided by the Indian government to foreign tourists visiting India?

Answer: The steps taken by Ministry of Tourism to ensure the safety and security of tourists including foreign tourists are as below: i) The Ministry of Tourism, on a pilot basis, has set up the...

Teju Manjunath, Expert on India and Visa Issues
How long can an O Visa holder stay in the US?

Answer: The period of stay for the O nonimmigrant is tied to the time necessary to provide for the event or activity for which the nonimmigrant is admitted, up to a three-year period...

Bernice Liang, Immigration Expert
How will taking home equity line of credit imapct the taxes for the current year?

Answer: Here's the IRS specifics from Publication 936 Home Mortgage Interest: *Home Equity Debt If you took out a loan for reasons other than to buy, build, or substantially improve your home...

Chris Cross, Tax Expert


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